Budapest – Szentendre by boat

Szentendre is a small baroque town, situated at the cost of Danube. The village is famous from its museums, art galleries and craftsmen who offer regional goods (ceramics, textiles, food products). Beside the river there is a beautiful promenade with several coffee shops and restaurant to relax in the summertime, offering traditional Hungarian cuisine such as the famous goulash soup. In the oldtown tourists can try the well-known ‘lángos’, the fried flat bread which is a tasty and very popular snack among Hungarians.

In Szentendre tourists can find an open-air museum (Skanzen), Marzipan museum by Szamos, Christmas museum, Retro Design Center, several authentic workshops, art galleries, ice-cream shops and restaurants. The jewel-box-like town has a charming atmosphere while walking in its cobblestone streets and romantic pathways.

Szentendre is approuchable by boat from Budapest. There are two routes every day between Budapest and Szentendre. The boat trip takes about two hours.


 Budapest Dock 11  Batthyány Sqr.  Szentendre
9:00 9:15  11:00
12:40 12:55  14:40
 Szentendre Batthyány Sqr. Budapest Dock 11 
 11:10 12:15
 17:20 18:25  18:40 


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