Rent a Boat or Yacht

Rent a Private Boat or a Yacht in Budapest with UR TRAVELS

Chris C.

  • Taking a boat ride down the Danube lets you enjoy a different perspective of the city. The historic buildings an be viewed better from the river.
  • To viewed amazing terraced vineyards, historical castles and charming villages.
  • Easily make several stops, enjoying the highlight on the Danube Budapest at night under a full moon, viewing this amazing historical city, beautifully lit. It is a breathtaking, especially viewing the Parliament building and the Chain Bridge. A sight you will truly never forget.

    Sightseeing 30 minutes
    Budapest sightseeing 1 hour
    Budapest – Szentendre sightseeing 1 hours return
    Budapest – Visegrád sightseeing 2,5 hours return
    Budapest – Esztergom sightseeing 3,5 hours return

    Please contact us for more information:

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Mobile: +36 17960899 , +3617960898
    1052 Budapest, Piarista Utca 4, Hungary