Dinner Cruise Budapest

Dinner Cruise in Budapest

We guarantee an unforgettable romantic dinner cruise in the vibrant city of Budapest which has various faces. At night it calms down, the lights are lit, and a new city awakens after sunset. Many programs have created for those, who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights, accompanied by a real candlelight atmosphere with a romantic dinner and live music.

The performance features a marvellous original Hungarian instrument, the famous “cimbalom”. The combination of string instruments and the cimbalom provides a uniquely Hungarian, unforgettable harmony and an outstanding atmosphere on-board.



Wish to hear your favourite popular song in a whole new adaptation?

During the performance, guests will have a chance to ask for their favorite songs from the artists to play.

Our program takes you on a 2-hour-long cruise on one of our air-conditioned/heated  ships, on which you will also have the best view of the panorama from the upper deck of the ship.
Our ‘Dinner & Cruise with Live Music’ program is also available without dinner, if you book a cruise with drinks only. Enjoy the magnificient night sights over a glass of champagne and another glass of soft drink, wine or beer!



Ticket types and prices


Lunch & Cruise

Starting Time: every day at 14:00
36 EUR (10 800 HUF)
Student: 33 EUR (9900 HUF)

Only with Drinks

Adult: 14 EUR (4200 HUF)
Student: 13 EUR (3900 HUF)


Dinner & Cruise with live music

Starting Time:
every day at 19:00
: 49 EUR (14 900 HUF)
Student: 46 EUR (14 200 HUF)

Only with Drinks

Adult: 17.50 EUR (5200 HUF)
Student: 15.50 EUR (4700 HUF)

Dinner & Cruise

Starting Time: every day at 22:00
42 EUR (12 500 HUF)
40 EUR (11 900 HUF)

Only with Drinks

Adult: 15.50 EUR (4700 HUF)
Student: 14.50 EUR (4400 HUF)



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